Employment Practices Liability in the Age of #MeToo By Aileen Spiker Berry, esq. and Katie Kruizenga, esq. of AmWINS

When people interact – regardless of the setting – what individuals say or do to each other isn’t always going to be perceived as appropriate. People are not perfect, and mistakes are made. However, some actions are far worse than others. Our interconnectivity and 24/7 access to social media adds not only a new arena in which to misbehave, but also creates a new vehicle by which to rapidly spread awareness of a person’s misbehavior. A simple hashtag can now create a wave of awareness that can significantly impact corporations, institutions or individuals. Most recently, the #MeToo movement has shaken organizations like Fox News, ABC, NBC, NFL Network, NPR and Vox Media. The movement stands to significantly impact our culture, as it has opened up a long overdue discussion about the frequency of sexual assault, discrimination and harassment, especially in the workplace.

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Employment Practices Liability in the Age of #Metoo.